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We’re always interested in the stories of our fellow travelers. We found Go Tour-ing researching the possibility of a season in Beijing, and wanted immediately to invite Co-Founder, Douglas Ma, to contribute to our blog. We asked him what led him to start his company, this is what he said:

Not Douglas Ma.
Not Douglas Ma.
In the spring of 2008, I decided to leave my job at an investment bank to take some time off to travel. As an American, two weeks off a year just wasn’t enough and I needed an extended break after five years behind a desk. I decided to use Beijing as my travel base since I wanted to attend the Summer Olympics. As my travels took me all over China, I fell in love with the country. How could you not? With a history that dates back more than two thousand years; to some of the most amazing food in the world; to a race towards modernization that is mind-blowing, China is at the center of it all.

Being fluent in Chinese Mandarin, it was pretty easy for me to get around but I also began to realize that it would be quite a challenge if I didn’t speak Chinese. After the Olympic games, the global economy began to fall into its current recession and the chances of me finding a job back home became bleak. There were three things that I had learned during my time away from work: 1) I live to travel; 2) I am not a corporate person; 3) I wanted to stay in China. Call it fate or good timing, I decided to take a chance and put the idea of a social travel program together and co-founded Tour-ing in 2008.

With a lack of good English guides and a lack of companies focused on the young traveler in China, Go Tour-ing caters towards these very needs. We are focused on providing a fun and youthful atmosphere set upon the ideas of socializing, culture, flexibility, leisure, and adventure. We hope these factors provide you the ultimate travel experience in China.

It has been quite a challenge starting up Go Tour-ing. For one thing, it has been a tough year for the tourism industry. Less people are traveling due to the global economy and the outbreak of swine flu has hindered a lot of travel plans. Even with these hurdles, Go Tour-ing is still focused on building its reputation, one traveler at a time. It has also been quite a learning experience as an ex-patriot doing business in China. There is no such thing as the right way of doing business in China. We’ve had to figure out a lot of things on our own with little guidance. Thinking outside the box is a way of life out here. All in all, it has been one big continual learning experience.

If you are interested in visiting China and your looking for something new and different, Go Tour-ing is here to provide you with the ultimate travel experience. So pack up your bags, drink some red bull and Go Tour-ing with us!

Douglas Ma
Go Tour-ing LLC

Go Tour-ing is a new travel company in China that is geared towards the young and energetic traveler 21-35 years old.

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