Don't Order The McTurco!

Yesterday, I had to kill 30 minutes while waiting for a bus, so I stopped into the only nearby restaurant for lunch… McDonald’s. Now, we’re no strangers to McDonalds… we’ve probably eaten 100 of their ice cream cones a piece, but it’s very rare when we actually order food there. Every time I do, I try to get something unique to the country we’re in, so that I pack in a little bit of culture along with the calories.

Is that meat?
Is that... meat?

The McTurco seems to be the McDonalds answer to the Turkish Kebab… some form of flat-bread, shredded lettuce, a tomato slice, and… beer coasters? What are those things?? They look like a very large, very flat Chicken McNugget… and even those probably contain only 1% real chicken. After taking a bite I looked at what I had just eaten… there were little air bubbles throughout what looked like bleached wood pulp! Ugh… I think I’ll be sticking with real kebabs from now on!

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