Jenna has already written about our adventures in Baños, a hub for Ecuadorian and foreign tourists for rafting, canyoning, body jumping and nightlife. But Baños is also a charming little town nested in the mountains. Let’s wander around…

Jenna a déjà conté nos aventures vécues à Baños, plaque tournante pour les touristes équatoriens et étrangers en recherche de sensations fortes du genre rafting, canyoning et saut à l’élastique, et souhaitant profiter d’une vie nocturne sympa. Mais Baños est aussi une charmante petite ville nichée au creux des montagnes. C’est parti pour la promenade…

Street vendors selling "Fritada," a dish of pork meat, potatoes and corn, and "Ceviche de chocho," a dish of chocho (type of grain), corn, toasted corn, oignon, tomatoes, tomato sauce and pork skin.

Observing the turtle in our hotel patio.
The Turtle! I think it might be a Motelo turtle, a species possibly related to Galapagos species. (She looks a lot like the turtles I took care of while volunteering at the animal rescue center!)
The church of Baños. At night the white roofs turn electric blue... Strange.
Inside the church of Baños.
Cloister inside the church of Baños.
Leather products: hats, caps, bags, flasks...

Salespeople waiting for tourists on the main square;

The famous thermal baths of Baños: "las piscinas de la Virgen."
Properties of the thermal, volcanic waters.


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