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Jet Set Zero: A jet set life on zero dollars. Jet Set Zero is the belief that the adventures, experiences, and awe of a jet set life are possible for anyone willing to take risks and follow a dream with passion and dedication.


We are a community of adventurers who have chosen to begin a new life by following the ideals of Jet Set Zero. We start simply, work locally, and live immersed in a culture with our traveling companions for 90 days, sharing our experiences and friendships in order to inspire others to find their own path.  We are storytellers and we share our experiences to show others what is possible when you take some risks and make that first step.

Season 5 – Trailer


1. We experience our host culture through our local friendships, local jobs, local living.
2. We give ourselves 90 days in each location to succeed or fail.
3. We tell our story openly, honestly, and completely.


A new season, a new team, and a whole new continent. Laurene from Season 5 in Saigon meets up with 3 new members of the cast to explore Quito, Ecuador. Watch the Quito teaser above or jump into the first episode here. Meanwhile, our first European adventure begins in Italy. Follow their story through their photos, writing, and video clips or watch the premiere episode. We’ve also got a season in Thailand beginning soon that you can learn all about here.


The current Jet Set Zero cast for our season in Quito is Laurene, Freddie, Jenna and Ryan. The Italy cast is made up of Courtney, Perrin, Sarah, and Lynne. The Thailand cast includes Tyler, Jean-Pierre, Evita, and Jeremiah. If you’re looking for information on previous cast members (including Brian, Rob, Matt, Dan, Nick, Jen, Serene, or Kris) you can do so at the bottom of the page.


PRESS – press@jetsetzero.tv CAST – cast@jetsetzero.tv JOBS – jobs@jetsetzero.tv ETC – core@jetsetzero.tv


Follow our story and let us know what you think. Jump into episode one of our latest season (6!), add us on your social network of choice (Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook) or just give us some old-fashioned feedback and advice.

Season 2 – Trailer

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